GOAT, g[=o]t, _n._ the well-known quadruped, allied to the sheep.--_ns._ GOAT'CH[=A]FER, the dor or dung-beetle; GOAT[=EE]', a beard left on the chin, while the rest of the face is shaven; GOAT'-HERD, one who tends goats.--_adj._ GOAT'ISH, resembling a goat, esp. in smell: lustful: wanton.--_ns._ GOAT'ISHNESS; GOAT'-MOTH, a large moth common throughout Europe and Asia, having a thick heavy body, and measuring three inches or more across the wings; GOAT'S'-BEARD, GOAT'S'-RUE, GOAT'S'-THORN, names of plants; GOAT'SKIN, the skin of the goat, leather made from it; GOAT'SUCKER, a kind of swallow erroneously thought to suck goats. [A.S. _g['a]t_; Ger. _geiss_, Dut. _geit_.]